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What is the shelf life of Ugees - Undergarment liquid wash?

It has a shelf life of at least 2 years depending on where it is stored (keep away from direct sunlight).

What fabrics can be washed with Undergarment liquid wash?

It is suitable for all fabrics. We have designed the undergarment liquid wash bleach and enzyme-free, because the majority of our lacey lingerie is made with silk fibers that are made of protein, and enzymes attack protein, dissolving silk fibers in our garments and damaging them. However, always check the wash care label before washing because a few items are labeled as ‘Dry clean only'.

Can I use the liquid detergent for machine washing my undergarments?

Yes, the liquid detergent can be used to wash underwear by hand or machine. However, it is recommended to always hand-wash your undergarments because machine washing will ruin your expensive lingerie as they are frequently snagged in the wash, and the excessive agitation and heat from the dryer damage fine fabrics and laces.

However, if your habits have enslaved you, please follow below instructions to protect undergarments from damage;

  • Place your lingerie in a mesh bag; always clasp the hooks of your bra before zipping it inside the mesh bag.
  • Set your machine mode to "delicate wash"; although delicate wash uses cold water automatically, if it does not, please set it to cold temperature.
  • Use 8-10 pumps of Ugees-undergarment liquid wash for machine washing 5-6 pairs of underwear. Remember, Ugees-undergarment liquid wash is a dilute formulation since it is intended to be used for hand washing undergarments

Is the undergarment liquid detergent safe for my skin?

It is completely safe and gentle for your skin. It contains no skin irritants such as bleach, phthalate, ethanol, or synthetic colors. On the contrary, customers have reported having softer hands after using Ugees-undergarment liquid wash.

What fragrances are used in Ugees – Undergarment Liquid wash?

Ugees uses allergen-free fragrances in its products that are safe for all. The fragrances that we use are certified by IFRA (International fragrance association).

Is Ugees –undergarment liquid wash safe to use on my child's clothes?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for washing your kid’s clothes. However, a child should not be using this product without adult supervision.


Where do you ship?

Currently, we only ship to India. We are shipping to 29000 pin codes across India.

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders are shipped within 24 working hours of receipt. Depending on your location, it may take our logistics partner 3 to 7 working days to deliver your product.


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