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A guidebook to healthy vagina Dos and Donts hello

A guidebook to healthy vagina Dos and Donts

Your vagina isn't as demanding as you think it is. Miss V's health can be maintained with only a tender, loving care and consideration for her needs. So instead of neglecting your vaginal demands, you can honour them and enjoy the wonderful, fulfilling change that occurs within. Knowing your vagina and what it requires is an excellent place to start. A healthy vaginal environment indicates a healthy body. Ugees bring to you a guidebook to take special care of our precious Miss V:

Do’s to maintain vaginal health

Wear cotton panties

However boring and conventional they seem, cotton is the best choice for keeping Miss V clean and fresh. Cotton, being a good absorbent, keeps Miss V dry and reduces the risk of infections caused by bacteria and yeasts that thrive in a moist environment. Not just that, Cotton is gentle on the skin and durable to treasure.

Hand-wash your panties

It is important to hand-wash panties not just for undergarment care but also to keep Miss V healthy. Let’s find out how they are related.

The probability of getting fairly disinfected panties is more with hand-wash than in machine-wash. Studies show that a used pair of undergarment when tossed in machine creates a germ pool in water spreading them all across the insides of machine. These germs keep on transmitting to subsequent loads infecting clothes further. This may lead to bacterial infections when such infected clothes are worn. So it is advisable to hand-wash your panties using a mild, disinfecting detergent like Ugees-Undergarment liquid wash.

Eat right

Ladies, eating healthy can help with everything, including your vagina. There are some foods that have a direct impact on our vaginal health. Miss V's favourite foods include cranberries, sweet potatoes, yoghurt, and leafy greens. These foods help to fight infections, increase fertility, and keep the ph balanced. Aside from eating well, drink plenty of water to maintain a healthy vaginal environment.

Inspect Miss V regularly

You don't have to be a medical expert to examine your private parts. It is advisable to be vigilant of Miss V’s environment to prevent infections taking off. Vaginal discharge is common and generally harmless, but you must examine its color and odor to identify any infections that might be housing in it. In case of any discomfort and unpleasant changes, do visit your GYN.

Wipe from front to back

Wearing wet or moist panties for longer hours can cause infections as warm & moist are favorable conditions for yeast and bacteria to flourish. And that is why it is important to keep Miss V dry. Easy tip is to use wipes for this purpose when you are done with urinating or dumping. Remember to always wipe from front to back and not the other way round to keep away harmful fecal bacteria like E.coli from entering your vagina and urethra.

Urinate after Sex

I can’t stress it enough, but you should definitely pee after sex. Urine is sterile and can help clean up your lady parts and prevent painful UTI.

Don'ts to follow to avoid vaginal health problems

Don’t douche

As strange as it sounds, many gynecologists refer to the vagina as a "self-cleaning oven." Your vagina secretes discharge as a means of cleaning itself. As a result, Miss V does not require douching, and doing so will only disrupt the ph balance and make it susceptible to infections.

Don’t use scented products

Your vagina is supposed to have a distinct smell; you don’t have to worry about it until it gets really unpleasant. Today, the market is brimming with female hygiene product, please choose wisely. Avoid using scented menstrual products or scented intimate wash if possible. You do not also require incorporating cleansers and moisturizers for keeping it fresh because they can disrupt the natural ph level of your vagina. Miss V truly requires only comfortable and clean underwear, and who better to provide that than Ugees- lingerie washing detergent , whose primary function is to keep underwear clean and fresh.

Don’t shave it bare

Your pubic hair is there for a reason! While it may feel sexier to go completely bare, pubic hair serves a very specific purpose. It's a natural way to keep Miss V safe from bacteria and infections. Trimming is always preferable to using harsh measures such as waxing and shaving to go completely bare.

Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes

We are naturally warm & moist between our legs. Tight clothing may trap all of that heat and moisture, creating an ideal environment for bacteria, yeast, and fungus to grow. Restricting air to the vaginal area can also cause itching, chafing, and reddening.

Don’t ignore signs of infection

One should make routine gynecological appointments at least once in every 6 months. Do not wait until you have a medical reason. This will prevent infections from progressing. And, if you have even the slightest discomfort in your vagina between your routine check-ups, contact your GYN immediately. Remember, every person's body works in a unique way. Don't compare your symptoms to those of others, and don't replace your GYN with Google. Home remedies should not be your first line of defense. Take advantage of online/on-call consultations if necessary, but make sure your advice comes from a reputable expert in the field.

It is time we scrap off the stigma around vaginal care and start paying attention to its needs. Today's market is flooded with female hygiene products, but unfortunately, a large portion of our population lacks access to these resources. The scarcity of clean toilets, sanitary products, and toiletries has had a significant impact on women's personal hygiene, let alone intimate hygiene. Awareness of the importance of personal hygiene can make a substantial difference in overall statistics related to women's health. Ugees has taken the first step toward bringing about change and making personal hygiene feasible and accessible to all by introducing undergarment liquid detergent.

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