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Hello! We are Ugees


“We are a solution-oriented company committed to making our users' lives easier and more enjoyable through evolved personal care products.”

Idea of Ugees

Laundry etiquette is something we often overlook. Most of us either wash our undergarments along with the rest of our clothes in the washing machine Or hand wash them separately with any detergent at hand. What if we told you that both of these choices are unsafe for our personal hygiene as well as undergarment care? Why do we keep using same laundry detergent for our innerwear and outerwear when they are exposed to an entirely different environment?

Let’s dive in!

Hand Washing – We've read and heard it time and again that hand washing is the best way to clean your undergarments. Well, we totally agree. It is necessary for two reasons: first, to maintain personal hygiene, and second, to preserve the delicacy of the fabric. Although we have observed that many of us hand wash our lingerie, the detergent we use is a major mismatch. Detergents that we currently use are not intended for undergarment care. These regular detergents are formulated to remove tough stains such as grease, oil, and food stains and thus contain strong chemicals. While, all that our undergarments need is a mild and disinfectant detergent to deal with bodily discharge and microbes associated with them. Furthermore, the handling of these regular detergents is time-consuming.

Machine Washing - We understand that not everyone has time to hand wash their underwear. So we either throw them in the washing machine with other clothes or pile them up to be washed separately once or twice a week. It's difficult to say which of the two methods is more harmful. Know that, by putting just one set of undergarments in washing machine can transmit up to 100 million e-coli into water (Find Reference link in the end). Bacteria from poop and bodily discharge in our underwear form a microbial pool, get glued to the machine walls and continue to transmit them to subsequent loads unless addressed by special disinfecting agents. The failure to address the issue can lead to infections when these infected clothes are worn. In addition to this, our undergarments are subjected to intense agitation in machine, causing them irreversible damage.

Ugees identified this gap and felt the need to introduce a specialized lingerie washing Detergent for hand washing underwear.

What is Ugees?

Underwear washing detergent

“Ugees is here to make undergarment care simpler, safer and sustainable.”

Simpler: Ugees brings to you the hassle-free undergarment liquid detergent. It comes in a pump bottle that is quick and easy to use. It is a no soaking formulation that literally allows you to wash your undergarments in seconds.

Safer: The liquid detergent contains disinfectant that protect against infection. It is an anti bacterial, anti fungal detergent which effectively kills infection causing bacteria and kills yeast in laundry. It is free from harsh chemicals such as sulphate, Phthalate, paraben, synthetic fragrances and color additives. It has mild concentration of allergen-free fragrances that are IFRA certified. The formulation is enzyme-free hence suitable for silks and wool too.

Sustainable: The Lingerie washing detergent is made out of 100% biodegradable surfactant and softeners that are plant based. The Bottle used for packaging is PET which is completely recyclable.

Company Values
The concept of Ugees was born out of a passion to solve a problem, and it has since become the guiding principle for establishing company’s core values. The company’s primary goal is to develop products that make people's lives easier. We strive to provide products of high-quality, authenticity, responsibility and style.
The founders stay true to these values and consider it their ultimate moral obligation to create products that are not only authentic but also environmentally sustainable.
The two founders are biotechnology graduates with master's degrees in management. Their suitable educational background, as well as the resources available to them, inspired them to pursue their goal of developing a remarkable solution-based product.

Founders Message - “Ugees not only made our lives easier, but also more enjoyable. With Ugees-undergarment liquid wash, washing underwear is no longer a chore and we want everyone to experience this joy.”

Company’s Mission

We are dedicated to developing sustainable products that aim to promote the community's social, economic, and environmental well-being. We strive to give our employees with healthy working conditions that encourage them to feel engaged in their responsibilities and connected to the company’s core values. We are committed to sourcing ethically and ensuring that our suppliers operate their business in an ethical manner. We are committed to environmental changes that promote a long-term future while also benefiting the social and economic well-being of the communities in which we operate.

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Ugees is here to revolutionise the process of handwashing undergarments. We promise to provide high quality products that are safe for you and safe for nature.